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Blue Collar Bike Werks

130a Trade Center Drive, New Braunfels, Texas 78130, United States

(830) 237-3009


Sergio D. 9-28-18

 have done a couple things with Aaron and been a good expierence everytime and gets my bike back to me sooner than expected. Not to mention that he has also met me up at the shop twice to pick up my bike on his day off. 

Nolan H. 9-22-18

 Aaron is one of the most honest bike mechanics you will ever meet. He took the time to look over my road glide and tell me what it needed now and what could wait. I also found out gruene HD lied to me about my belt and pully needing to be replaced! Which would have been over 1k at the stealership! My clutch cable was sticking too which he fixed. Very grateful for his honesty and stellar work on big red! Thank you aaron! No more gruene HD for me! Big Red has found her forever doctor! 

John Smith 9-20-18

 Had a great experience! Brought in a bike taken apart/kinda put together and a box with a lot o parts. He got it all back together and running in his quoted time and is super accurate on pricing quotes. He even is very helpful after I got it back with any problems or questions I might’ve had and following up with me if I need any help with anything. 

Matt Curtis 8-29-18

 Aaron is great. He has worked on my bike multiple times and took care of problems that I didn't know were there such as changing light bulbs and rerouting cables that made more sense. He even gave me a discount for having a Concealed Handgun License! The first time I used Blue Collar Bike Werks, I had a house fire the day before that put my truck out of commission and Aaron quickly changed the tires on my bike so that I could have a running vehicle. 

M. Maple 8-11-18


When I am told by others that my bike needs all kinds of expensive repairs, I go right to BCBW. I know I will get an honest assessment, professional work and a fair price. The other place told me I needed over a $1000 of repairs to "be safe riding."

Funny...BCBW found all of that to be untrue and bike only needed some carb work. So decided to upgrade grips and have new LED Adaptive headlight installed. I have been stopping by BCBWs over the years and have never had a complaint or issue. Always had great service and advice. Very responsive to Facebook messenger messages. Today, just sealed the deal that when I am not on the road, BCBW is getting all my business.

Oh...and being a girl, you can worry about people taking advantage of you when you have a bike. I always feel very comfortable and Aaron explains everything that I need and don't and takes the time to explain when I might need to bring my bike back. Really respect that.

Bobbie L. 7-27-18


Y'all Are Awesome.. I was in need of a rim for my dad's bike and y'all hooked me right up. TY😘

Jerry S. 7-21-18

 Great service , quality work that you can count on. Blue Collar Bike Werks has been the only place I have taken my bike in for service, give Aaron a call for your service needs. Support your local Indy. 

Jim Smith 7-15-18



Aaron has worked on my Sportster and my Road King. I don't drive a car; I ride bikes and BCBW is the only shop I will use. He is straight up honest and does what he says he will do. He stands behind his work too . And that's not something everyone does any more. I called him with a problem about a bike he hadn't even serviced yet and he walked me through my issue on the phone! Aaron is a decent guy, a really top of the line mechanic and very professional business man. Old skool values and modern savvy.

Rob. W 7-13-18


Aaron is a stand up guy. He is honest, fair, and knowledgeable. I’ve had my bike at Blue Collar several times and I’ve always left satisfied with the work, with the price, as well as with the time it took. I would and have recommended BCBW to anyone looking for an independent shop.

Tommy Y. 1-6-18

 I'm here to tell you what I think about Blue Collar Bike Werks and Aaron Tessaro.  Top Notch is all I can say I never have any trouble after I leave the shop and if I ever do have any trouble he's the first to answer the phone and try to worm through any issues with me the only place I will take my motorcycle for mechanic work. 

Chris H. 12-9-17

 Messaged on a Saturday night and got a reply within the hour! Although I wasn't able to get done what I was looking for, he gave me a referral to another local shop. Cool to see they care about getting your bike worked on the proper shop rather than making a quick buck. 

Brian G. 12-1-17

 Aaron is a straight shooter, answers questions and is very helpful. Does great work. 

Billy N. 10-14-17

 Aaron did exactly what he said and when he said. He knew better what I wanted than I did. He made a suggestion I said do it and I love it. Thanks bro!!! 

Rene Sanchez 4-7-16

 I needed some front end repairs and had a few leaks. Aaron took care of the issues and got me back on the road quickly.
Great service!

Dustin S. 3-26-16

 BCBW is bar none one of the best independent shops in existence. Got me back up on two wheels without breaking the bank. Forget taking it to the dealership you're just going to get robbed. 

Kenny D. 2-18-16

 Aaron did the service on my 15 Road Glide. Outstanding local shop! Upfront, honest and on time! Will be back when my bike needs more work. 

Rob W. 2-12-16

 Outstanding service! I wanted to support a local independent shop and I'm glad I did. Aaron is a stand up guy. 

Bill J. 9-12-15

 Aaron is a great guy! He built my 2010 street glide almost 5 years ago. Even though I left the area he always stays in touch. Great mechanic and reasonable prices.